Grass-fed RAW Cow Milk Herdshares




If you have been looking for DELICIOUS grass-fed raw Jersey milk, we have herdshares available for sale right now! Have you always wanted to own your own milk cow but it is not possible in your life...yet ;) or maybe you would love all that milk to make cheese and butter, but don't want all the work and mess to care for a cow? Let us take care of your cow for you, when you purchase a share in our herd... you get all the benefits of owning your beautiful cow but with out the hassle.

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Tall glass of sunshine...yes please!!

We use Organic practices as our standard of care, which means no chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Our Jersey is fed local Organic premium quality alfalfa. She also gets Kelp, a premium blend of dairy minerals, salt and hay.

She grazes on knee high gorgeous sweet spring grass which makes for AMAZINGLY SWEET milk!! The rich yellow color is from the high Beta carotene levels, which our bodies then turn into vitamin A. When she soaks up all that sunshine, she turns it in to an abundance of vitamin D for you and me!! Vitamin A and D are essential at building strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. 

There is a reason Jerseys are so popular among the homesteaders and farmers, their milk taste rich with all the cream.