Grass-fed RAW Goat Milk Herdshares

For almost 10 years, we have been helping families just like yours nourish their bodies with good old fashioned alkalizing, mineral rich raw milk!!! We each have our own personal health journey, and if you would like to put the VITALITY back into your life... 

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In all cultures across the world, Goat milk has been known to be some of the most nourishing foods God has provided for us. Goats don't just graze on grass, their main diet is the slow growing mineral dense brush, which goes directly into their milk. This makes their milk very ALKALINE which recently it has become very well known in all the health world, how important an alkaline diet is for us.

We sell shares in our goat herd. One share entitles you to the benefits of owning goats, which is getting raw goat milk without the hassle, mess and work that comes with a goat.

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We follow Organic practices, never using sprays or chemicals here on our beautiful farm. We use intense pasture rotation, moving animals to a new paddock every day. This helps improve the soil with each rotation adding an immense amount of natural fertilizer. This is the best method to help provide the nourishment to help the grass to grow the quickest and thickest. Our animal to acre ratio is 1 goat to 2 acres, which means they have more than they could possibly eat. We value pasture raised animals. When they are over crowded, they do not truly have access to enough fresh growing grass and browse. With our pasture management, we are sure we produce some of the best quality raw goat milk there is!! 


Our girls are very heavy milker so we must have an excellent nutrition program to maintain their health and body weight through the ups and downs of pregnancy and lactation cycles. We have learned that our goats need more than just grass, hay and mineral so we give them sprouted grain in the milk stanchion. We sprout local organic oats and barley for 4 days before feeding it. We feel like since it has pretty much turned into baby grass at that point, we can maintain our "grass-fed" values. The goats LOVE LOVE their sprouted grain!!

Our Goats are fed:

  • Pasture (Lush knee high, clean pasture) 
  • Organic Alfalfa Hay
  • Organic Orchardgrass Hay
  • Sprouted Oats and Barley (Local Non-GMO Non-Spray)
  • Kelp (Free choice: Organic Thorvin Icelandic)
  • Premium Dairy Minerals, Diatamaceous Earth, and Salt
  • Herbal Dewormer

“My families LOVES your goat milk! It’s so unbelievable how delicious it is! We can’t believe its not cow milk!!”
— customer